Hello world!

It’s fall–the season of change.  I loved walking across my old college campus behind the buildings where no one could see.  That was where all the best trees were and October was the best time for leaves.  I would sit at  a picnic table, pull out my spiral-bound notebook, and write.  All around me would be trees, their leaves no longer green–but a cavalcade of color.  During the summer, they were statuesque, vibrant inhabitants of the wood, busily taking in rain, digging roots deep, and stretching branches wide.  But in the fall, they seemed to grow tired and to ready themselves for the slumber of winter.  When the wind bellowed through the wood, the trees flailed their arms in fierce yawns, shaking their bright leaves down to make a crinkly pallet on the earthen floor.  And then the earth would quiet and be still in winter.

Eventually spring will come and the cycle begins again.  Spring is the time where things become new and life seems to begin again.  But life never stopped.  It was just dormant…waiting for the right time to bloom.  Spring can never come without fall and winter first.  Things must change.

I am in a season of change.  Many things are changing in me and around me.  Like fall preparing for winter or even like a caterpillar morphing into a chrysalis, I am growing and changing as a person.  Every caterpillar must go through a chrysalis to become a butterfly.  But, like winter, a chrysalis is not necessarily pretty.  The skin hardens around a caterpillar and forms a hard casing around it so it can change without getting hurt.  Inside the chrysalis, the caterpillar transforms into a butterfly.  And while I by no means consider myself to one day sprout wings and antennae, I view myself as in a chrysalis right now.  The bursting growth of childhood and teen years are through and I am changing.  And it is not just age that makes me change.  I am meeting new people and experiencing new things.  Anytime anything new comes into your life, be prepared for the possibility of having to change.  Life is in a constant cycle of change, growth, and rebirth.  We see it in the weather, in butterflies, and in people.  So join me for a look a life through changing eyes.

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