Lessons from Genesis

Hi, everyone. I’ve been working on several posts, but none of them are ready yet.  So I decided to post some of my notes from my Bible reading yesterday.  It’s important to me to read my Bible because I believe that Jesus made us for Himself–that we are called to know Him.  And the Bible is God’s Word. So if I want to know God, I will read His Word.  I wanted to focus more on God Himself as I read, so I recently started underlining any specific action of God mentioned.  Here are some of my humble observations that I am still wrestling with and thinking about from Genesis 1-3:

“God is creative–He didn’t spend time worrying about the effects of sin or future pain He knew would come into the world.  God had a pattern to His creativity and His action.  He used His power to create beauty.  God has order and design for His actions–will He not also have an order/design for my life?  God shows His undeniable authority over men by saying three times, ‘God created man.’  What strong emphasis on the Creator, not the creature!

“God rested after His work was done, not before.  God gives out blessing unselfishly.  God formed Adam–He created his being and personality.  God breathed life into him–He is the source of meaning and life iself.  God built a garden–He provided sutenance and resources for Adam.  God put Adam in the garden–He place him where he needed to be for provision, blessing, and testing….God places us in locations for a reason and gives us tasks.  God commanded obedience and clear consequences for disobedience–He gave instructions for how to thrive where He placed Adam.

“God told Adam to name the animals and gave Adam what he needed to accomplish his tasks.  Knowing ahead of time none of these creatures could be Adam’s helpmeet, God had to show Adam that.  God engineered the process with which Eve was brought to Adam.  God created Adam and Eve for each other–man and wife.  Any deviation from that is  not right.  Again, God’s timing was best.  He could have made Eve right away and had her there when Adam first opened his eyes, but He didn’t.  He made Adam wait.”

There’s more, but these are the ones that really impacted me as I read.  Just wanted to share what I’m learning with you. 🙂  But don’t take my word for it–check out Genesis 1-3 for yourself and when go through, try focusing on God’s words and actions.  🙂

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