Water from a Rock

One of my favorite books as a child was Mickey and the Giant–a yellow-bound, hard-back book recounting how Mickey Mouse rids his village of a noisy and thieving giant.  I don’t know what about it entranced me so.  I don’t even know if it survived our many moves.  In it, Mickey tricked the giant into thinking he had great strength by taking a round sponge that somehow passed for a rock (hey, it was a kid’s book, okay?) and soaking it in water.  He then told the giant he could squeeze water from a rock.  Defiantly, Mickey took the wet sponge and wrung out all the water.

Last week, looking at the list of job applications I’d filled out and the lack of calls I’d received, I felt like getting a job would be trying to squeeze water from a rock.

I had started a new prayer list in February, deciding to start of a list of very specific prayer requests–things like “that Sara will get at least a C in Business class.”  So when I lost my job promise about 3 weeks before heading home for the summer, I added a new prayer request:  “a summer job that will allow me one week off.”  In my mind, I had added “with more hours and higher pay than last summer.”  But I thought that too much to ask.

This recent Thursday, I got a call asking me if I could start work Friday.  It wasn’t the job I expected.  (I hadn’t even applied to that department; the department I’d applied to had transferred my paperwork.)  But it allowed me one week off in the summer.

And it had more hours and higher pay than last summer.

This morning, I read the story in Exodus about the people of Israel grumbling to Moses about having nothing to drink.  God instructed Moses to strike the Rock of Horeb and out poured water for all to drink.

Forget about squeezing water from a sponge.

My God supplies all my needs, breaking open a rock I cannot penetrate to pour out His merciful blessings.  To God be the glory.

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