Finally Fall

I pulled my blue jacket closer, fumbling with the bulbous buttons through their buttonholes.  My cloche hat sloping over my right ear did little to protect me from the wind gusting from my left.

After a week of unbelievably sunny temperatures, fall has finally fallen on my small corner of the Eastern Seaboard.

The air is chilled like an iced coffee stuck in the freezer.  The wind has broken free of any bonds and races or dawdles as it pleases.  The sky is a harsh blue flannel backdrop to the trees shedding their summer leaves.

As I made my way to my dormitory, many of my fellow college students were on their way to the Student Activity Center to anxiously await the projected outcomes of the election state by state.  I was breathing in sharp puffs of air, shoving my gloved hands under my arm, and thinking about warm coats.

Please do not take this post as an indication that I do not value my right to vote.  I do care and I did vote.  But I’m not in knots over the outcome.  Perhaps I will blog about freedom, voting, and elections some other time.

Quite simply, I have done what I could.  I will continue to pray.  And no matter which states light up blue or red tonight, God is ultimately still in control.

And I am distractedly happy that it is fall.

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