Pardon Me–My Veins Are Slow

According to my freshman writing textbook, there are three kinds of writers:  sprinters, plodders, and bleeders.  After writing for about twelve years, I can categorically state that I am a bleeder.

I begin a project with great ideas but get stuck in the first chapter.  I must make myself write consistently every day or I am not going to finish anything.  My desk–if I actually had one–would be filled with dozens of first chapters discarded because of frustration and discouragement.  I want to agonize over everything.  But if I don’t keep moving forward, the project will never get done.

Instead of taking responsibility for my completion of a project, I could just blame it on my veins.  You know, writer’s veins.  When a writer puts pen to paper, he (or she) must draw forth inspiration, story, and character out of their storytelling soul through the veins of words.  Like actual veins, some people have smaller veins than other people.  Smaller veins mean slower progress if you drawing blood.  At least that seems to be the case.  At my first blood drive, the nurse squeezed my finger so hard after pricking it that her hands and my finger turned tomato red before a single drop of my blood slid into the test vial.  Ask any of the poor nurses who have had me at blood drives–I’m slow.

It’s just a fact.  I am slow at writing.  I could blame it on the writer’s veins, but I won’t.  It’s just slow work, especially after sacking my new year’s post.  The blogging world doesn’t need melodramatic sap.  So with that, I finish this post, as weak as it is.  Happy January 8!

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  1. Miss Risabella Rambler
    Jan 14, 2013 @ 02:15:15

    just don’t get a clot. that would be disastrous.


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