America’s Greatest Health Crisis

Health crazes cycle through every six months in our country.  Sugar’s good and sweeteners are bad.  Sugar’s bad and sweeteners are good.  Exercise 3 times, 5 times, 7 times a week.  Eat grains.  Don’t eat grains.  Our country is learning more and more about our abundant health needs.  Obesity, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes are just a few of the problems that face our country’s health.  Yet, tonight, I fear there’s a greater health crisis than all of these combined.  One that’s not discussed on morning talk shows, that’s not been publicized through awareness campaigns, that’s not been given a preventative diet.

Our country has ignored its spiritual health.

We try to eat healthy to sustain our physical health.  We go to the doctor for check-ups and for help when things go wrong.  We see therapists and counselors when our psyche is disgruntled.  We talk to our friends to maintain our relational health.  What do we do about our spiritual health?

I looked around my church tonight and realized that I was the only person under 50 in attendance.  It baffles me how fewer and fewer people my age are going to church.  Whole essays could be written about the many reasons people choose not to go to church.  I suggest, however, that young people do not see the need.  They don’t think they need it.  Just like I did not go to the doctor for over 5 years.  I didn’t get sick.  Why should I go for a check-up?  Youth, with its independence and self-reliance, is too busy, too jaded, too bored, too indifferent to come to church.  They don’t need it.  Or so they think.

But just as everyone has physical needs, everyone has spiritual needs too.  And just like preventative measures are better than treating a disease, growing spiritually is better than dealing with life issues on your own.

Perhaps I’m rambling.  I’m not the most lucid at night.  But I can’t help expressing what I see.  And while Washington debates how to deal with healthcare and who’s paying for it, politicians cannot solve our spiritual health crisis.

Hopefully more thoughts on this later this week.

Signing off,

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