When Dreams Turn to Dust

Dreams are a funny thing–you can spend your every hour imagining them. You can even study and prepare to live them. But that does not turn a dream into reality. Sometimes, if you’re honest with yourself, you have to let your dream go and let it turn to dust. Corrie Ten Boom once said to hold everything lightly or else it will hurt when God pries it out of your hands. But this I know, that God does not take one thing away without the hope of something better in its stead. Not necessarily more attractive. But always better. And, dare I say it, more real. And if you find your dreams turn to ashes and smoke, nothing more than a pile of dust, remember that it is from the ashes, like a phoenix, that a new dream is often reborn. Forget the past. It is already a shadow. Light is waiting ahead of you.

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