Reading with a Vengeance

For the last several months, I have been reading with more vehemence than I have in years. I devoured 3 books in the past week alone. I have been reading with a passion and a purpose. And I must confess, I am growing a little excited because I think it is finally working.

After writing novella-length work for ten years, I found myself in the most irritating writing ruts. One that pains me is my overuse of simple sentences. I could (and sometimes do) blame this on my job which requires me to record information in a very factual way. On the job, I write for clarity’s sake, focusing on the facts. This has indeed carried over into my creative writing, making for less than creative texts. With many writing friends literally scattered around the globe with lives and projects of their own, I turned to more immediate sources of aid. Short of enrolling in seminars I couldn’t afford, the best option to improve my writing seemed to be a steady diet of voracious reading. Since then, I’ve found I’m reading faster and forming my own thoughts more clearly. While this post certainly won’t win awards for originality or style, I did manage to sit down and type it out in less than an hour’s time without giving up because I couldn’t formulate my own thoughts, like most blog posts I’ve attempted. This, for me, is encouraging. May my fellow writers too be encouraged to continue writing, reading, and recording thoughts, feelings, and stories.

Signing off,

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