Now What?

There is nothing like the satisfaction of writing “The End” at the bottom of a page.  It’s almost as memorable as the numbness that soon follows when you think:  “Okay, now what?”

I’ve been working on two fairy tales for the last 3 months.  They are both past the initial draft–that’s the stage where I scribble notes to myself in the margins, change character names mid-story, and re-think my ending a gazillion times before it gets written down.  Once I get past this initial draft stage, my work goes electronic–where I can keep as many versions of the story I want.  I can keep deleting that sentence and re-writing it–a task I would never have time for when hand-writing.  Anyways, with my two stories securely on to the next stage of revision, I suddenly realized with that recurring numbness that I had no projects in Stage 1.  So, okay, now what?

Last year, NaNoWriMo was all the rage.  Nearly every writer friend I had across the country took part.  I miss the NaNoWriMo bus, once I figured out what it was.  It took me a few days to figure out that NaNoWriMo was not a new technology or anime character. I was a little sad, but without a writing community nearby, I doubt I could keep my motivation up to finish a novel.  Novel writing is a work of love or a work of excruciating pain or both.  I’ve tried novel writing before.  It takes me much longer than a month.  So, I’ve decided instead to declare NaScreenWriMo–National Screenplay Writing Month.  My goal this month is to write in a screenplay every day of the month, with the secondary goal of finishing an entire full-length screenplay.  I would like to get about 100 pages out of it, but I think a more realistic goal is 60.  I have an idea that I’m pretty excited about, but I don’t know who the bad guy will be yet.  As I look as my screenplay so far, I think: “Okay, 4 and half pages down.  Now what?”

Trying to think creatively,

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