A Moment’s Thought: Let God Speak

The story goes in my family that two of my siblings went with  my grandma to cut down a Christmas tree at a Christmas tree lot.  One jabbered all the way there, discussing what Christmas gifts, songs, and surprises.  When the two re-entered the car to drive home with Grandma, the younger one put his hand over the other’s mouth and said, “It’s my turn to talk.”

The more I talk to people and think about my own theological views, I learn that people in general depend on what other people say about God.  This leads to all sorts of distorted views on who God is and what He says.  I remember talking with one young lady in college who, after I said I was a Christian, slightly frowned and asked tentatively, “Doesn’t it say somewhere in the Bible that if a man visits your house you have to give him your daughter?” I told her soundly, “No.”  Other friends won’t listen to anything about the Christian faith after growing up with distorted pictures of the Bible presented to them as law.  To them, God is a cold, distant perfectionist who is incapable of understanding the humans He created.  In the Christian circles I grew up in, it became easy to depend on what the Pastor, Youth Leader, Teacher said about God and treat that as unalienable truth. But the Bible never teaches for people to blindly follow our human leaders.  Trust our spiritual leaders, yes.  Blindly trust everything they say, no.  A group of religious Jews in Berea heard Paul speak about Jesus being the Messiah and instead of instantly rejecting or accepting it, they searched the Scriptures to see if what he said was true.

So let me encourage you:  let God speak for Himself.  Don’t rely solely on His messengers.  Search the Scriptures for yourself with a prayerful heart and ask God to speak to you.

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