Hello, world.  My name is Specs.  I am no one special.  I do nothing absolutely fascinating.  I wake up.  I work.  I go home.  I really am quite…ordinary.

But beyond the monotony of everyday tasks, I live.  I live because Christ lives.  This is my joy and my hope– that beyond my struggles and failures and inconsistencies, Christ lives.

My purpose in writing this blog is to entertain you with engaging stories, to provoke you to thought, to describe the world as I see it, and to practice the craft of writing.

In everything you see on this blog, I wish to glorify God because He is my Maker and my Savior.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Brittney Leigh Evans
    Feb 15, 2012 @ 23:36:12

    I saw that you liked one of my post and I was just wondering who you were 🙂 but saw you a had a fierce heart for the Lord. Awesome. Keep it up


    • Specs
      Mar 04, 2012 @ 00:13:57

      I’m glad you enjoy it. The Lord has been teaching me so much about Himself that I wanted to share it. If you find anything of worth on my blog, it is because of Christ and Him alone. 🙂


  2. Miss Risabella Rambler
    Dec 16, 2012 @ 03:51:38

    hey, friend! I nominated you for a couple blogging awards. 🙂 stop by my blog to pick them up!


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